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How to share you booking link with parents

Online bookings are no longer the future, they're the here and now. Parents shouldn't be expected to book your classes using a paper form or over the phone. 

How parents book online

Allowing your parents to browse, register and book their children into your classes online takes away all the hassle from you and your club resources. 

Share your public booking link: make this parents first point of contact.  Not only does it make your club look professional; it allows parents to register, book and pay in only a few minutes. It also allows your parents to browse through the different classes you are offering and they may end up booking another camp/class for their child that they like the look of!

Share your booking link through many different channels - especially ones you usually communicate regularly to your parents with - this is where you are going to gain bookings as it is a trustworthy source for parents. Some common examples of these channels are Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, email and text.

Share your class booking link: sharing your specific class booking links have all the same advantages as sharing your public booking link, except they are more controlled as to what parents are viewing. You can get this link through the button in each register.

Invite parents to book: if a parent has shown interest in one of your classes, you can invite them to book it straight from the register, all you need is their email address.

Parents will get emailed with all the details and a quick link to book and pay for your class.

This is a good way to control your bookings, especially if you only want parents to attend certain classes or if your classes are invite-only.