Class4Kids, How to set up your new term.

Starting re-run and auto-enroll

Find the term that you want to run next term, and hit "re-run term". 

Set you term name, dates and holidays. 

Make it clear for parents what this term covers, we supply the dates for parents, so usually seasons work well e.g. "Spring Term 2018". 

Select the first and last week in your term. Don't worry if you've got any holidays to add, you can do this on the next page.

Red out any days you don't want classes to schedule on. On the next page you will be able to edit your term price to reflect any holidays. 

Edit your class details

You can edit the following details during re-run:

De-select classes that aren’t running in the new term

Change the capacity of your classes

Change your term price

Change your session price

Well done - you've just re-run your term.

Auto-enroll your registers

We always recommend auto-enrolling. You can edit any details, do transfers or delete bookings if need be, before you send any confirmations to parents.

Using the tabs you can quickly unselect any children who know won't be attending next term. Those on trials are deselected, but you can re-tick if you want to offer them a full term place next term.

Sending booking confirmations

You have the choice whether you want parents to be notified automatically of their new term booking. 

Parents are thanked for attending last term, and are asked to confirm their place by paying (see the text before). The email also includes all the new term dates and a quick link to pay.